Spring Article 2022


Topic - Spring Update
Reference - Pest Control Technology


Spring Cleaning Advice to Prevent Pests

As the weather gets warmer, you don't want your home to become an attractive haven for insects. Follow these maintenance and cleaning tips to prevent a bug infestation:
1.Keep your kitchen clean
2.Store food in sealed containers
3.Keep trash tightly lidded
4.Trim trees and shrubs away from the house
5.Seal cracks, gaps and crevices
6.Don't use mulch near the house
7.If you have mulch already, turn it periodically so it dries properly
8.Repair screens and doors
9.Clean gutters

In general, to manage spring-invading pests and prevent them from entering a structure, an effective preventive perimeter treatment should be implemented along with IPM approaches, such as pestproofing practices and habitat modifications. Remember, timing is a critical key to success. All pesticide applications and exclusion practices, such as replacing worn-out door sweeps, sealing all pest entry points, and managing outdoor lights, tightening screens, windows and doors, etc., should be made early enough before spring pests become active on or around a structure.