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A pest infestation can drive you and your family members crazy. If you have termites, spiders, rats or any other creepy crawlers in your home, you should call AAA ABCO Termite & Pest Control right away. Our exterminators work hard to banish pests and prevent new ones from entering your home. Is a pest issue keeping you up at night? We offer 24-hour emergency service for home or commercial needs that services Long Island, Stony Brook, NY, & Manhattan, NY. Contact AAA ABCO Termite & Pest Control today for a free estimate.

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Rodent Control -

Rodents are often frustrating if they invade your property. Rats and mice can cause damage to your home and your health. Moles and gophers will damage your lawn and can also weaken the foundation of your home. After many decades of experience, we know the secret to successful rodent control. Take your property back! Call us today for and let us rid your home of these pest

Termite Control -

Termites cause serious damage to homes that require costly repairs. Our effective termite techniques are tailored specifically to not only stop termite colonies in their tracks but also prevent future colonies. We are proudly an official ADVANCE TERMITE Systems with Always Active Technology, which is the top brand in termite baiting and monitoring. Sign up for our termite control services and save $100 now.

Many times, rodents, insects and wildlife will infiltrate your home's structures for weeks or months, without you even realizing it. What might seem like a minor issue can reveal to be something more serious - even damaging to your household or harmful to your family!

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  • Termite Inspections and Reports
  • Termite Treatments and Warranties

Quarterly Services to keep your home pest free throughout the year:
  • Were not going to sell you a winter service like our competitors instead were going to give you any supplies needed at no cost with your Tri-Annual plan
  • Rodent Control
  • Residential and Commercial Pest Control Services

Don't wait until the problem gets worse. Call 631-979-2226 right now to schedule pest control services headquartered in Suffolk, Nassau County, & Manhattan, NY

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Meet Our President "Chief Xtermigator" Eric Fishon

  • President of LI against Domestic Violence
  • Has a degree from the University of Florida in Urban Pest Management
  • Over 20 years of experience
  • Member of the NYSPA

I contacted Eric about concerns I had with termite baiting stations in my new home. He immediately provided me a thorough write-up on what I should look for and the services they could provide. I finally got around to contacting him a month later, and to my surprise, he remembered me. He walked me through my options and jumped on FaceTime with me to do a consult of stations around my home. He concluded that the stations were +15 years old and not worth being serviced. He was very honest in say that it isn't worth having new stations installed because we obviously haven't had any issues this whole time. He also told me what to look out for in the future.

I was so impressed by how genuine he was and almost wish I had a reason to hire him! -Natalie T

Don't bother to call anyone else! From the moment I met Eric the owner I knew I was in the right hands to resolve my issue.We have termites for years and didn't know how to fix it, Eric is very knowledgeable and professional no hard sell to try to get your business explained the different options available to me and left it up to me to make my choice.I called him the next day and gave him my order,He came the following day and performed our first treatment bringing all the equipment needed and knew exactly what to do.This is a third generation local LI company that also impressed me,I didn't want to deal with the big name companies out there because they are franchised and you are not dealing with the direct owner and his family. - James Vivinetti

I was thrilled with the professionalism, efficiency, thoroughness and friendliness of service. From the first phone call, all the way through payment. Had an appointment with another service provider but after speaking with Eric, went with AAA Abco. He offered an honest and reasonable plan of action to treat termites and treatment used was safe and healthy for my home and pets!! - Tyisha Torres-Rodriguez

I was selling my house and the buyer's wanted a termite and ant treatment with a 1 year warranty.With everything that needed to be done to progress to the actual closing, I was feeling a bit overwhelmed. Arnie came to my home the same day I called. He calmly explained everything we needed to do to fulfill the sale's contract. He serviced our home the next day, even though it was a Sunday. Arnie's patient demeanor and years of experience completely put me at ease. I highly recommend Abco Pest control. - Luisa McHugh

Arnie, the owner, was prompt and courteous. He took his time and explained exactly what he was going to do to alleviate my ant problem. While spraying the outside of my house, he came upon a hornet's nest and took care of that as well. I would highly recommend AAA Abco. -
Karen Monteforte

It's not a matter of IF you get termites...it's WHEN! Soooo folks, if you're at the WHEN point, please contact this business. It is owner operated. Errol really knows his bugs!!! Highly recommended. - Susan Kaiserman

I trust arne and errol with all my pest control needs they have always been there to help when ever we got those pesky ants in our house and spiders. Great service and good friends we just love them. - Patrick Malkmes

AAA ABCO Termite and Pest control is the company you need to call if your having termite problems. I keep forgetting they are a business because they make you feel like family. Arnie is a great person to talk to. Always professional and he truly cares about resolving your issues. Their isn't a better conpany out there. I've been using them for two years on contract and it's the best money I ever spent. If you live on LI and and your having bugs and pest problems trust me it will be resolved with AAA ABCO termite & pest. - Francis Martin

I want to thank Errol for coming to our rescue. My husband was getting huge bites on his neck, legs and arms while sitting in our living room. I called Errol and he told me it sounded like fungus gnats from over watering houseplants. We got rid of the plants and Errol came immediately to spray. He found no bedbugs or bugs in our couch and sprayed our living room. He did have to come back to bomb the entire apartment. We are now pest free and thanks to Errol we can enjoy sitting in our living room again. Thanks Errol from the bottom of our hearts. You are reliable, efficient and kind. - Laurie Klein

I found this company on a Google search after looking through many of their competitors. Based on my research I eventually took a leap of faith that they would solve my problem at a reasonable price. I have to say they lived up to all my expectations and then some. They were very professional and came on time, as well as, working very clean. I was very impressed with their knowledge of how to solve my situation. It's been a few weeks now and I am confident that they did that and they kept checking back with me to make sure that the method they used was effective. They also suggested that I take one of the service contracts they offer. I usually don't do this but it was a very good value and they made me confident that it will be well worth it overall. I would highly recommend Abco to anyone in need of their services. - Michael Beberman

Great personal service! They responded so quickly! SanI would recommend abco to anyone needing pest control! - Sandy fochi

They are great. I have them come regularly to spray the house and keep the bugs away. I also referred them to my parents because they were having an gnat problem. They were invading the kitchen and nothing they tried from Home Depot worked. Use a professional, one shot and the problem is gone. They do a great job on everything and they are good people that you can trust. - Michael Denicola

AAA Abco came and did a termite inspection for me. We're all clear! So many homes on Long Island have termite issues. Thank you for the peace of mind in knowing we're ok. Prompt, professional service! Thanks, Abco! - Melanie Rasmussen

Eric and family saved my weekend from the attack of flying ants (them) very professional and unparalleled service. - Larry Guerrieri

This is a professional company! As as realtor we have to the opportunity to refer frequently, and we can only refer 5 Star service providers. My experience with AAA Abco has been 5 star both for my clients and myself. - Danielle Lenard

I've never met a more passionate , diligent exterminator! Top notch! Responsible, reliable, effective and economical! Thanks Arnie! -
Cliff P.

Arnie was great and exceptional service made my experience using them that much easier. I recommend anyone to use him and his services. I will definitely use him again for my ant problem in the future. - Kenneth Gilhuley

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