Are the products you use safe for children and pets?

Most products we use are safe around children, pets, and warm blooded animals. Any types of termicide are fully discussed before service.

Do I have to be home when services are provided?

Homeowners do not need to be home when services are performed if the issue is outside the home.

What should I expect after your visit?

After a visit you should see the following:
- if a spray was done at your home you will see insects still for, 24-72 hours for flying insects, and 3-5 days for crawling insects, as they bring the chemicals back to their nesting place and share it with their counterparts.
- you will then see insects if at all dying around the area.
- if using a bait, such as a gel or granulated treatment you can first experience more ants and bugs before you see less. This is because your using a bait to bring out the colony to feed on to bring back to the nest.

Is there anything I can do to prevent the pests from coming back?

- the best way to prevent pests from coming back is by participating in a PMI, pest control management program, which is a partnership with the pest control company and the work you do in your house. This encompasses having a seasonal spray around your home along with taking proper precautions for foods and garbage as well.

Can I pay with a credit card?

We Accept Cash, Checks, and all other Major Credit Cards.

How long should I wait to go around sprayed areas?

You can go around sprayed areas immediately