Cockroach Removal in Just a Few Hours

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Cockroaches are undesirable pests that are not just a nuisance but a threat to health as well. They consume our food and contaminate the indoor environment. They transfer disease-causing pathogens and may cause food poisoning by contaminating kitchen surfaces, utensils, and cooking surfaces. They are also believed to be responsible for causing various gastrointestinal disorders.

Roaches also trigger asthma attacks when humans inhale antigens such as roach exoskeletons and feces. If your home in Long Island, Stony Brook & Manhattan, NY, or elsewhere on Long Island has been infested by these nasty pests, you must immediately get in touch with an AAA ABCO roach exterminator to help you get rid of them. However, before the roach exterminator comes, there are a few things you can do to prepare your home for the service.

12 Things You Can Do to Prepare Your Home for Roach Extermination

Take these steps to prepare your home for roach extermination and get the best possible results.

  1. Make sure your home is neat and clean before the roach exterminator visits. This will make sure that the roaches are attracted to the bait and not to food sources littered around the house.
  2. Keep your countertops free from foods, dishes, and other small appliances. If there is any open food, cover and store it.
  3. Put away or cover your baby's stuff such as toys, crib mattresses, and other supplies.
  4. Mop and scrub the kitchen and other surfaces with detergent. Vacuum the carpets.
  5. If you see any roach eggs before the exterminator visits, just vacuum them up using a crevice attachment. Once you have vacuumed the eggs, make sure you discard them safely. Take the vacuum cleaner out, seal the trash bag properly and dispose of it.
  6. Make sure there is no garbage inside the home. Dispose of it off before the roach exterminator reaches.
  7. Keep movable appliances such as refrigerators and stove away from the wall and clean beneath and behind them. Ensure that there are no items lying on the top of the appliances.
  8. Make arrangements to ensure that the roach exterminator has easy access to all areas that may be home to roaches, especially the areas where you have seen roaches or their feces or exoskeletons.
  9. If you have any excess paper products in your home or other trash that may be home to roaches, remember to discard them before the pest control team reaches
  10. Seal any leaks in the water supply of your home
  11. If any of your family members are sick, have asthma, are pregnant or are under the age of one, take special precautions and inform the pest control company about it. Keep in mind that people and pets often have to be kept away for a period of time when pest control services are in progress.
  12. Even after the roach exterminator has left, make sure you maintain the best possible hygiene and sanitation to allow the treatment to work as effectively as possible.

With proper preparation, you can make things easier for the roach exterminator and get the best results from the treatment.

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