Stop Termites From Chewing Apart Your Home

Prevent wood damage with termite treatment in Long Island & Stony Brook, NY

Termites can really do a number on your home. Don't let them. Reach out to AAA ABCO Termite & Pest Control for termite treatment. We'll treat your whole home for termites so you don't have to worry about those pests destroying your home, plank by plank.

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How do you know when you need termite control? Watch out for signs like:

  • Doors and windows sticking or not closing right
  • Termite droppings throughout your home
  • Papery or hollow-sounding wood
  • Peeling paint that resembles water damage
We use Termidor products to make sure those termites go and stay gone. This trusted brand of termite control products deals aggressively with your termite problem. You won't have to worry about any more of these pests laying siege to your home.

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Post-treatment swarming

It's normal for termites to swarm up to 8-10 weeks after an effective termite treatment, which is called post-treatment swarming. This is because the treatment kills worker termites, which weakens the colony, and the alates, which can survive in drier environments than workers. The wood in your home will no longer provide food for termites, so you shouldn't have to worry about re-infestation.

The goal of termiticide use is to create mortality among the workers and the other caste members of the termite colony, weaken the colony, and eventually eliminate it.

Here are some other reasons why termites may swarm:

Organ adaptation
Worker termites can survive the first few days after treatment because their organs have adapted to dry conditions.

Treatment time
It can take some time for the treatment to reach the queen, so it might not look like it's working.


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