Xtermigator Update - More on Mice!

To give you a little bit of information regarding Mice and coming into a home when you hear mice up in an attic, usually they are making entry from someplace down below, which is why you’re seeing them in the kitchen sometimes in cupboards, closets, and floors areas. although they usually do not like to be seen outside running through the floor mice generally because they are blind, they travel using their whiskers Through walls, cracks and crevices, and you could sometimes find the poop which is dark colored in small parts of your home where you might see them gain entry 

A pest control company should be looking for droppings and providing an opportunity to use the right kind of bait to be used depending on your environment these types of beats include soft bait, which can be put behind your refrigerator underneath your stove and another cool to warm places, and then the bait can also be used into plastic boxes, which cannot be gotten into by children or animals. It should be noted that it is not the intention to track or kill. Mice inside the home when using Bates our company as we’re trying to get rid of the issue and not continue the issue, but we would tell a homeowner if they do see any calls anywhere not to cover them as we want to allow the opportunity for the mice to get out of the house, please feel free to contact us. Would love to help you on this situation.