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Post Visit Advice to Prevent Pests

How to get the most out of your treatment
It's important that household cleaning products should
not be used where we have treated. Limit cleaning to any treated areas for several weeks after the treatment. Please do not use any DIY pest control products -
We also recommend the following tips:

• Bench tops and appliances should be thoroughly cleaned, and cracks and crevices need to be sealed.

• Keep food in tightly sealed containers, immediately clean and food or liquid spills, seal up your rubbish bags and avoid leaving pet food around.

• Control general vegetation around the home. Trees and bushes should not be touching the building, gutter or eaves, and overhanging branches should be trimmed back. Ants easily access your home via these 'bridges'.

What to expect after your treatment

Initially, you may see an increase in ant numbers as they encounter the treatment. This is normal and will reduce in the weeks ahead. You should start seeing dead ants soon and this is normal. You might still see activity in certain areas where gel was used.
Also make sure after a few weeks from treatment to seal up any holes, clean the drains, and follow the directions above.