Are Pests Invading Your Building?

We handle apartment buildings throughout Long Island, NY

People move in and out of apartment buildings frequently, and that steady stream of new residents creates a frequent influx of pests. They arrive hidden in boxes, suitcases and even furniture.

Fortunately, AAA Abco Termite & Pest Control Inc can remove any pests that hitch a ride into your new home. We're a team of apartment exterminators serving all of Long Island including Stony Brook, Queens, and Suffolk and Nassau counties.

Our local apartment exterminators can handle:

  • Persistent pests, including bed bugs
  • Food-seeking pests, including ants
  • Venomous pests, including spiders
We exterminate and remove a wide variety of pests in apartment buildings. To find out about all of the pests we can control, use the Services menu above right away.

Keep your tenants happy

Everyone wants to rest assured that their apartment is safe from pests. You can help your tenants breathe easy by hiring our exterminators to eliminate insects, spiders and rodents throughout each residence. A pest-free property is also an excellent way to attract new tenants. Contact us today to schedule pest control services for your whole building.